East Side Clinical Laboratory is the #1 choice among providers in the region.

A partnership with East Side Clinical Laboratory provides your practice with professional services from a respected company.  Seamless service, effortless convenience and compassionate care support for your patients when it matters most.

East Side Clinical Laboratory
 provides an extensive range of services to our providers.

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This includes: 

  • Provider Services
    Pre-Printed Custom Requisitions
    Customized Profiles
    Individualized Call Requirements
    Courier Specimen Pick-Up
    Courier STAT Pick-Up
    Supply Delivery

  • Long Term Care Services
    Phlebotomy Service
    STAT Service
    On-Site Test Reporting
    Cumulative Reports
    Infection Control Services
    QA Meeting Participation
    Infection Control Care

  • Reporting Options
    Courier Delivery
    On-Site Printer
    Electronic Interface
    Internet Result Retrieval
    U.S. Mail