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Quality Care at a Price You Can Afford

When your doctor becomes affiliated with a hospital group what changes?  Mostly nothing, except the cost of ancillary services. Ancillary services such as laboratory and imaging (X-Ray) when provided by hospitals are more costly to you. You will see increases in your out-of-pocket expenses and they may not be in-network with all insurances.

East Side Clinical Laboratory’s fees are the most affordable when compared to hospital labs. With high deductible health plans and more people uninsured, using East Side Clinical Laboratory will ensure the lowest possible out-of-pocket expenses while maintaining the highest quality of care.  

*Prices based on Blue Cross of RI Cost Estimator

  East Side Clinical Laboratory Hospital System 1 Hospital System 2
CBC $7 $16 $16
Comprehensive $11 $16 $22
TSH $17 $26 $35
PSA $19 $28 $38
Vitamin D 25 $30 $45 $62
Urinalysis $3 $4 $7
 Totals $87 $129 $180